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Web CEO File Uploader: upload optimized pages to your site over FTP

Upload files right after you change them

You've made changes in your website files or created a Sitemap or a robots.txt file with the help of the WebCEO Webpage Editor for SEO copywriting while implementing the SEO advice by our search engine optimization software, you've inserted the HitLens visitor tracking code into the pages of your site - after completing all of these tasks there are updated or new files that should be uploaded to your site over FTP.

File uploading is not difficult - it is a technical task that only needs FTP client software to work properly; still some advanced FTP programs turn file uploading into a lifetime of tedious work.

WebCEO's FTP Uploader is not of that sort. You needn't stuff your head with technical nuances such as access rights or priority transfer. You can concentrate on the task, not on the process, especially if the task is so auxiliary.

Our file uploader has a common and intuitive interface even a child can use, where things are done even easier

than in Windows Explorer. This is simple: let's say you need to upload changed Web pages, a few script files and a database to your host. All you have to do is run the WebCEO FTP client. Highlight files you want to upload and press “Upload”. That's all.

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What does the FTP Uploader do?

  • Copies/Deletes files and folders to/from your server
  • Uploads any files to your server or host
  • Downloads any files from your server
  • Creates/Renames files and folders
  • Selects files by creation/modification day or by file types
  • Filters certain file types if you set such filters

What are your benefits in using WebCEO's FTP client?

  • Easy and quick access to your site
  • Instant changes to files and scripts
  • Friendly interface helping you finish the task quickly
  • Default support for all technical settings to ensure a fast and reliable connection.

Use the WebCEO FTP Uploader to easily and safely upload changed files within WebCEO

Our FTP Uploader is entirely at your disposal and can help you complete your SEO tasks very quickly.

Just download WebCEO.

Eleven other WebCEO tools for search engine optimization and website promotion will also be at your disposal.

What experts and users have said about the WebCEO Search Engine Optimization software:

Doug Hayman
Expert Software systems

I am a new customer of WebCEO. After using it for the past week, I have to complement you on what a truly outstanding product it is.

I am experienced with SEO and was a developer in a past life, and I truly appreciate the level of detail that you have put into this product. It was designed well, it is intuitive to use, and the interface is superb. Kudos to your company!

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