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Use the Web CEO HTML Editor for SEO Copywriting

Does an SEO copywriter need a special HTML Editor?

Some webmasters love advanced Web authoring tools and some are dismayed at the mere thought of HTML. Search engine optimizers are no different - editing HTML pages is rather tedious work.

Is it possible to accommodate this difference between people? The similarity between both types is their desire to finish work quickly.

WebCEO has managed to reconcile the disparity.

While our HTML editor wasn't designed to create websites from scratch, it is irreplaceable for making instant changes to critical areas of your site.

Apply optimization advice effortlessly with SEO Editor

Even if you are a brilliant HTML coder, you will enjoy the visual enhancements we've added. For example, you needn't hunt high and low for link syntax within the HTML code. All of the link URLs and texts are available for editing at one stroke on separate fields on the Links tab. The same can be done with headings, SEO-important Meta tags, images and even optional Meta tags.

In addition, there is a 'Find and Replace' function that can be applied to your entire site at once. This allows you to make lightning-speed changes.

Since WebCEO is a complete suite for Web promotion, we foresaw that you would need closer integration

between its various tools. Our Editor tool is a valuable supplement to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO Analysis) tool and Keyword Research tool. If you've already picked up the best keywords, used them in your Web copy and ran the optimization report to check if they had been used properly, your next step is to launch the WebCEO Editor and implement the SEO advice. In addition to SEO copywriting, you can use the HTML Editor tool to fix errors found during the SEO audit of your site.

The most exciting thing for search engine optimizers is that our HTML Editor calculates the keyword scores on the fly. This means if you change words and their order in all specific areas where our Editor gives you direct visual access to, you don't need to re-run the search engine optimization report - you can see the effect immediately in the changed numbers.

Edit your pages for higher rankings in search engines. You can now think about what you should do, not about how you should do it.

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Do the SEO copywriting without knowing HTML

Yes, you can edit your pages even without knowing HTML. Our HTML Editor has a Visual mode for those who haven't bothered learning HTML.

Thanks to this feature you'll be able to change your Web pages on the fly, without taking care to use proper syntax. WebCEO will do that for you automatically.

Give search engine robots proper information: create a sitemap and a robots.txt file

You can and should actively influence the search engine crawling process. By creating and submitting a Sitemap, you will tell search engines which of your site pages they have to crawl.

The Sitemap will also give search engines additional information about your site: when pages were last updated, if they often change, and how important a specific URL is in relation to other site URLs. Again - you don't need to think about the code (XML in this case) because WebCEO will automate the sitemap creation and upload it over FTP to the Web server hosting your site.

If Sitemap protocol informs search engines about the site URLs that you want to represent your site, robots.txt will tell them what URLs or site directories (folders) to exclude from crawling. Again, WebCEO's Editor will automate this task as well - it will check if

Webpage Editor - Sitemap Generator

you already have a robots.txt file and, if there is none, it will create a new file to upload. To submit your Sitemap, use the desktop Search Engine Submission tool or the online Search Engine Submission service.

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Let's recap what our HTML Editor does

  • Enables you to edit your pages in the Visual mode.
  • Enables you to edit your pages in the HTML mode.
  • Allows you to quickly find and replace words and phrases across an entire site at once.
  • Gives you quick access to HTML Titles, Meta tags, Web page headings (H1-H6), Image ALT texts, Link Anchor texts, and HTML comments.
  • In all of the above editing operations, calculates the keyword scores on the fly. While you edit, you can see how your keyword scores change.
  • Generates and edits your Robots.txt.
  • Generates HTML, XML and TXT Sitemaps.

Try your hand in quick SEO copywriting with the WebCEO HTML Editor

Our HTML editor is entirely at your disposal. Simply download the Free Trial of our SEO software and you will have it.

What experts and users have said about the WebCEO Search Engine Optimization software:

Tony Coopers

This is a competent editor with which you can quickly and easily add those missing meta tags and headings. It's no good for building pages but for correcting optimisation mistakes it's ideal.

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