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Select the Best Words to Optimize Your Web Pages For, By Using the Most Advanced Keyword Search Software

Search engine optimization must begin with a thorough keyword analysis. Keyword research and selection should be treated with a lot of responsibility because website performance and economic results will depend on your correctly determining the optimum choices.

If you succeed in finding keywords that are often searched for but, at the same time, not repeated on many websites, you will have a good chance to obtain a lot of targeted visitors and high conversion rates.

If you select less appropriate keywords, you may be confronted with either low SERP positions for keywords that are severely competed for or high SERP positions for keywords that nobody searches for. In both cases you will get little to no traffic.

To make the right choice, you will want to use a tool that will show reliable information on keyword popularity (search volume) and competition (how many websites have been optimized for the selected keyword).

What makes WebCEO the best keyword research software

  • A wide range of keywords to analyze and select from. We obtain our keywords and key phrases directly from Google via API.
  • You can also receive keywords from HitLens web analytics in case you have activated this service for your website. In this way, you can detect targeted keywords that are popular with Google searchers but which are driving very infrequent visitors to your site. Stronger SEO may improve your website's positions for those keywords and your site will welcome many more highly targeted visitors (and convert them into buyers).
  • Finally, you can request keywords from your competitor websites and include them into the list under research.
  • We show you the Google monthly searches (Keyword Demand), Competition (Keyword Supply), and also KEI (a Demand/Supply ratio) and also Visits brought by search engines (in case you activated HitLens) and we allow you to sort keywords by these metrics. This helps you to easily analyze and select the best keywords.
  • The SEO competition analysis ("SEO Summary") is based on such metrics as Google monthly searches (global and/or local - depending on your choice), KEI, visits from the HitLens web analytics, website rankings in Google (or another search engine that you can select from a list of more than 750), the number of pages with titles containing the keyword and the number of pages containing the keyword anywhere on the page.

Keyword Research Software: Keyword Basket

  • You can also review your top 10 competitors (from 1 to 10 competing pages) in the "Competitor details" report. Based on such factors as the number of backlinks, Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic Rank of competing pages, you can draw a conclusion about the strength of competition for every keyword.
  • If keywords are highly targeted, but you can't achieve top organic search positions for them, you can think of bidding for those keywords to have your site appear in paid search results. To build an efficient keyword list for pay-per-click campaigns, you should review their PPC competition, i.e. Estimated average CPC, Estimated daily clicks, Estimated daily cost, Competition strength bar and Estimated Ad Position. Select keywords with optimum predicted values and include them in your list.
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How WebCEO can suggest the most visitor-driving and profitable keywords

The WebCEO module for keyword search and suggestion is an integral part of our SEO software. Our keyword analysis software will help you at all the below stages of keyword research.

You start with the task of keyword list preparation (the "Find keywords" tab). WebCEO offers three independent sources, where you can request keywords.

  • In the first step, you will request keywords from the Google keyword database of real searches to get valuable suggestions. At this point of keyword analysis, you will see how often the keywords are used by searchers and how competitive each search term is, i.e. how many pages with the term Google has found in its index. Our keyword search software will also calculate the KEI (keyword effectiveness index) based on these two figures, so that you can quickly sort keywords by this parameter and see which terms have the best demand-to-competition ratio. If you use HitLens, the web analytics service from WebCEO, you will also see how often visitors have come to your site for the suggested keywords in the last 30 days.
  • Next, you can spy on the competitors' pages to find out what keywords or phrases they use to gain top positions.
  • Get even more keyword suggestions from HitLens. The keyword list will also include Google monthly searches, visits from search engines, competing pages and positions on Google (or another search engine of your choice).

Expand your keyword list with targeted phrases as much as possible not to miss any good keyword opportunity. Add the selected keywords to the basket in order to be able to proceed to the keyword competition analysis.

At the second tab, you will analyze your SEO competition from two different standpoints.

  • Review keywords at "Keyword summary" in order to spot low-competition phrases for which your website can compete successfully by comparing the keyword popularity and competition metrics to your current rankings and visits.

Keyword Research Software: Keyword Competition Analysis

  • Review your top 10 competitors for each keyword and see where the competition is weakest. WebCEO will provide you with the backlink number, Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic Rank of the competing web pages. For instance, if the keyword "digital camera" or similar shows that you are competing mainly with monsters like eBay, Amazon and the like, you will probably want to switch to another keyword where the competitors are more vulnerable in terms of search engine optimization.

WebCEO will research each keyword's competition as thoroughly as you'd have probably never expected from software.

As a part of SEO analysis (Search Engine Optimization analysis), the keyword competition becomes a complex measure of various factors that determine keyword potential efficiency. The first factor is the general SEO competitive landscape which is the overall number of pages that have included that key phrase in their page texts and TITLE tags. The second factor is the strength of the top 10 leaders that consists of their link popularity, Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic Rank. The third factor is the keyword price that the leaders pay to stay on top of the paid search results.

WebCEO will quickly return keyword analysis data to you in one convenient table, allowing you to re-shuffle keywords according to any parameter, and then you can finally discover those special traffic-driving and money-making search terms.

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Use WebCEO to make the sophisticated task of keyword research and analysis easy

With the WebCEO Keyword Analysis Software, you will get your own SEO campaign jump-started in minutes. Download WebCEO and take a free trial to conduct keyword search and analysis and get 11 more efficient tools for search engine optimization and website promotion.

What experts and users have said about the WebCEO Search Engine Optimization software:

Peter Da Vanzo
Search Engine Blog

There are numerous search engine optimization packages around, however this is one of the most comprehensive.

Unlike similar tools, WebCEO includes inbuilt keyword research software, so you can establish exactly which keywords you need to target before the technical optimization work begins. In all, WebCEO features nine separate website promotion tools.


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