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Use Web CEO PPC Management Software to quickly and efficiently run your PPC campaigns

Are paid search campaigns a must?

Sometimes, organic search engine optimization is hard because there are so many other highly optimized sites to compete with. Another option is subscribing to be part of paid search results. The search giants (such as Google and Microsoft) and the smaller-sized companies (such as Ask, LookSmart, or Miva) are trying to meet the huge demand for targeted search traffic, so they provide paid search results.

Search engine marketing has been continually growing for the last ten years and now it is one of the most important and cost-effective channels of Internet advertising, so PPC management activity is worth the time spent on it.

To start your own PPC advertising campaign, you should get registered with Google AdWords (also AdSense) or Microsoft adCenter, for example. Of course, you can run PPC campaigns simultaneously with your work on organic search optimization.

WebCEO PPC management software makes this process easy and much more convenient by centralizing all your paid-for account information and reports in one place.

Several PPC search engines, one control center

The PPC Manager frees you from the hassle of remembering and storing a number of different accounts, it keeps the user names and passwords you have registered with several search engines. Navigation through a variety of campaigns and comparing their results is much easier if you can just switch between their names on the list we create for you.

In addition, you do not have to spend time finding out how to start a new PPC campaign. Just select a PPC service provider, like Google AdWords, and the PPC Manager takes you right to the info page or signup page of that service. Having saved your credentials in the PPC center, you can automatically sign in to several accounts and compare your performance for each one - side by side.

Newbie marketers can realize how many PPC engines

SEO Software - PPC Manager Setup

exist based on our list. We take care to keep it up-to-date - add new ones, remove the closed search engines and timely update information on all the valid ones.

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Use the WebCEO PPC management software to organize your PPC activities efficiently

Download WebCEO with our PPC management software and 12 more advanced SEO tools will be entirely at your disposal. Complete your SEO tasks quickly and efficiently with the Web CEO SEO software.

What experts and users have said about the WebCEO Search Engine Optimization software:

Alex Matsko
Gilan-Lava, LLC

First of all, thank you! I'll be really concise. We have to deal with the most demanding customers one can imagine such as Motorola

and other top brands, so it is no wonder none of us has the right to make a mistake. And WebCEO does a great job helping us remain above praise and above competition. Again, thank you for this excellent software (and I know what I'm saying because we are developers as well). I don't know what we would do without it.

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