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Safe TURBO mode for the Rank Checker Tool

Every SEOer knows how important rank checks are for their business, and rankings reports always take some time to run. Web CEO includes two ways to prevent search engine bans for your IP address.

The first way, Human Emulation, is free and is included in the initial package price. This mode is good for short keyword lists (with up to 50 keywords per ranking report, it instructs Web CEO to make pauses between queries to search engines, emulates different browsers and solves CAPTCHAs for free to save your IP.

Because of its methods, the Human Emulation mode is slow, so checking your rankings for hundreds of keywords might take hours. If this is OK with you, the Human Emulation mode is great for you and doesn’t cost anything. However, if you manage several domains or check your rankings for hundreds of keywords on several search engines, it's not very practical to use this mode.

To help you save your time and get the ranking report much faster with saving your IP from a ban, now Web CEO desktop offers a 'Safe TURBO mode'.

What is the Safe TURBO mode?

This rank checker setting uses a combination of two features which work in tandem: unlimited IP rotation + unlimited CAPTCHA solving. Here’s how it works:

  • Fast. With the Safe TURBO mode on, Web CEO will run your ranking reports at lightning speed, thanks to the rotating IPs feature. We'll rotate IP addresses as long as needed - to ensure that you get your report in minutes, not hours.
  • Safe. Your rankings are checked from reliable and tested IP addresses which are different from your own IP address, so your IP is 100% protected from search engine bans.
  • Captcha solving units for FREE. In case a search engine doesn't return any results temporarily and shows a CAPTCHA warning instead - Web CEO solves CAPTCHAs for you, for no additional fee!
  • Banned IPs are replaced immediately. In case the IP provided by Web CEO is banned - we replace this IP with a new one, for no additional charge! You won't even notice if such a rare event occurs.
  • No tuning required on your side. With Web CEO's Safe TURBO mode, you don't have to order 5, 10 or 20 proxies to run your report and enter new proxies into your Web CEO settings once those IPs are banned. We use IPs from our own pool - as many as you need to run your ranking report till the end.

Using the Safe TURBO mode you don't have to buy large packages of proxy servers (which might be really costly) and reconfigure them every time they all get banned. You don’t need to order the CAPTCHA solving service which is pretty costly as well. All you need is to sign up for a Safe TURBO mode inside the Web CEO Desktop software. Thanks to the great volumes of service that we are already conducting, we offer the most competitive pricing in the industry to our users.

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Safe TURBO mode pricing

Select any of the three unit packages depending on how many units (queries to search engines) you need.

Starter Pack (4,000 units) $29.00 / $0,007 per query
Advanced Pack (33,000 units) $169.00 / $0,005 per query (you save 30%)
Super Saver Pack (150,000 units) $449.00 / $0,003 per query (you save 57%)

One unit equals 1 search engine query. One query is spent when you check 1 keyword ranking on 1 search engine, 1 SERP deep (one search engine result page). Say, if you check 5 keywords on (1 search engine) and scan 3 result pages deep, you'll spend 15 units.

How to activate the Safe TURBO mode:

  1. Open the Web CEO software and go to the Rank Checker tool.
  2. Click the 'Safe TURBO mode' button, choose the number of units and follow the order procedure on SWREG, our payment processor.
  3. Done! Now you can save hours on rank checks and never get banned.

After activation, the Safe TURBO mode will start working at once for the project where you initially activated it. To make other projects in Web CEO use this mode, select a particular project in the Rank Checker tool, click the 'Safe TURBO mode' button and checkmark the option 'Accelerate rank checks'.