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Search Engine Submission in Historical Perspective

Search engine submission is the most practical part of SEO following SEO analysis and SEO editing. This is why SEO has long been associated primarily with the search engine submission services offered by SEO companies. Submission had been considered a must do, but it was a time-consuming and boring task until search engine submission software was invented.

However, very soon people started abusing it, i.e. submit too many pages too often. The search engine submission software programs, in turn, began to replace quality by quantity, such as by making submissions to thousands of link farms instead of cultivating a reasonable approach and limiting themselves to submissions to only useful directories and search engines.

The reputation of all search engine submission software was compromised and offering automated submission services became bad form.

Is it still necessary to submit websites to search engines and directories? The answer is yes, if you understand why you are doing that and what you can expect.

The major search engines have a chance to pick up your site if they find links to it on other sites or if you have submitted a Sitemap. But directories won't include your site unless you submit it. The same applies to most regional search engines that will discover your site only if you submit its pages to those search engines.

In the Web 2.0 era, Web CEO search engine submission software is great to submit not only sites, but also Sitemaps, blogs, press releases, PDF docs, infographics, photo and video to social media sites and specialized (blogs, social media, shopping) search engines.

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What Makes the WebCEO Search Engine Submission Software

First of all, ours is not another search engine submission service; WebCEO is a complete SEO software suite with a built-in submission tool.

Second, we are taking care to ensure that our search engine submission software works well: we fix technical problems that appear after the search engines update their submission forms, we keep the search engine and directory information in our database up-to-date, we add new sites and remove vanished submission options.

Third, we recommend submission that is good for both webmasters and search engines. Our submission software is furnished with a safety device - the default Submission settings won't let you innocently abuse search engines.

Fourth, our Search Engine Submission software supports not only general search engines and

Search Engine Submission Software - Submit website to search engines

directories, but also specialized search engines. It lets you promote almost any kind of textual and visual web content - you can submit not only your site pages, but also your Sitemap, blog links, press releases, PDF documents, infographics, photo and video.

Be present where your customers search

A straightforward question: how many search engines do you know? Five, ten, fifty? Now you see why our submission tool announces your site to roughly 200+ search engines instead of 100,000+.

We hand-pick the best search engines to ensure your online presence in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan, China and many other countries. With Web CEO submission software you will get into search engines that provide 98% of overall search engine traffic.

In addition to the pre-set search engines and directories for automated and manual submission, you can add to your WebCEO submission software links to sites that are important for you or your customers.

Let's recap the key features of the WebCEO Search Engine Submission software:

  • It automatically submits to 95+ major and local search engines and directories.
  • It helps you manually submit to 120+ hand-picked general and specialized search engines, directories, blog communities, etc.
  • You can submit not only your website URLs to search engines, but also Sitemaps, blog links, press releases, PDF docs, infographics, photo and video.

Search Engine Submission Software - Guided Manual Submission

  • Our predefined settings don't let you violate search engines' and directories' submission rules.
  • Our Search Engine Submission software delivers your search engine response pages as reports, so you will know for sure if your submissions have been successful.
  • You will obtain a very convenient and detailed report of all of your submissions.

An efficient website submission campaign should logically be followed by improved search engine visibility. Check the search engine rankings of your website to learn if your submission campaign has been successful.

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The WebCEO Search Engine Submission software will safely submit your content

Take a free trial of WebCEO to optimize your site and promote it in search engines. Submit your website to all of the important search engines.

Improve your site's link popularity by submitting your site, blog, press releases, PDF docs, infographics, photo and video to

220+ hand-picked global and local search engines, directories and community sites. Download WebCEO with eleven more SEO tools.

What experts and users have said about the WebCEO Search Engine Optimization software:

Jon Burnham
Online Media Consultant,
1-st Research

WebCEO is my tool of choice for managing my clients' web presence.

It helps me ensure that their heads will always stand above their world-wide competitors...

Compared to equivalent programs, it has the major advantage of preventing the embarrassment of "faulty website syndrome" with its extensive management and monitoring facilities.

In my opinion, it is a must-have weapon in the hyper-competitive online business war.

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