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Get a Quick Overview of Your Site's Performance in Selected SEO Reports

Feel your website's pulse instantly with the SEO Dashboard

Will you sleep better if you know for sure that your site is getting more visitors than a week ago? That it stays at the top of SERPs for your targeted keywords? Will you feel safe if you know that your hosting service is better than you expected? And what if all of the above facts were available to you at once, all at a quick glance?

Do you want to have a workable method of foreseeing undesirable trends in a very concise website SEO report? Will it be good to have all the information on

time and be able to prevent a drop in search engine rankings and traffic?

For an established site, a couple of key metrics is typically sufficient to understand if it is doing well or if its performance deviates from what you believe to be a standard and requires your urgent attention.

The WebCEO Dashboard is an SEO report combining information received from several WebCEO tools. It comprises easy-to-understand charts, so you don't have to spend much time analyzing it.

What can you see in the SEO Dashboard?

A diagnosis of your web business can be given based on Visitor traffic and conversions (HitLens), website rankings, backlinks known to search engines, uptime Monitoring and website quality audit (Auditor) reports.

To set up the SEO Dashboard, you just have to add your most important SEO reports (the ones you update regularly either by running, for example, the Website Ranking Checker or the SEO Task Scheduler).

As with other WebCEO tools, you can have a few SEO Dashboard profiles with a different set of projects and reports.

The website SEO reports in your Dashboard can be updated automatically according to the schedule that you will add using the Web CEO Scheduler.

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What experts and users have said about the WebCEO Search Engine Optimization software:

Jon Burnham
1st Research

WebCEO is my tool of choice for managing my client's web presence. It helps me ensure that their heads will always stand above their world-wide competitors (even those they did not know existed!!).

Compared to equivalent programs, it has the major advantage of preventing the embarrassment of "faulty website syndrome" with it's extensive management and monitoring facilities.

In my opinion, it is a must-have weapon in the hyper-competitive online business war.

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