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What is SEO Knowledge Base?

Search engines are notorious for their habit to constantly change ranking algorithms, submission rules and the way of presenting search engine results pages. That said, software needs frequent updates to work as expected. As a part of Search Engine Knowledge Base service we publish regular updates to reflect the latest changes in the search engines world. With the original purchase you get 90 days of free support. WebCEO will automatically update its knowledge bases.

Research and maintenance continues 24/7. To offset costs we introduced support plans which give you an inexpensive way of keeping WebCEO knowledge bases up to date.

The Knowledge Base subscription is not obligatory - it is up to you whether to order a support plan or not after 90 days of free support have passed although it is recommended that you order one or you may follow obsolete advice and get wrong analysis in tools that require constant updates (keyword research, keyword ranking checker, page submission, optimization, etc.). We cannot guarantee accurate report data in case your Knowledge Base is outdated, that is why we limit some functions (the number of keyword results in the Keyword Research tool decreases to 5).

Search Engine Knowledge Base Updates Prices

With the original purchase you get 3 months of free Knowledge Base updates support. Update WebCEO knowledge base in order to get accurate ranking reports, link popularity, and keyword research data.

3 months $99.00 / $1.1/day

How the Knowledge Base updates work

By default, the WebCEO software is configured to check for SEO Knowledge Base updates and automatically download them as they become available. When the update is downloaded, you are prompted to install it.

You can change to another mode of Knowledge Base maintenance by going to File > Settings > General > Automatic Updates > Knowledge Base.

To avoid downloading updates automatically, switch to "Notify me before..."

In this case, WebCEO will ask you before downloading another update.

When the Knowledge Base is downloaded, you are prompted to install it. You can install it immediately (without shutting down WebCEO) if the tools that use it are not running at the moment - explicitly or in the background, via scheduled run. Otherwise, you will need to close them first. In any case, you can postpone installing the Knowledge Base until WebCEO next runs (then, it will be installed automatically).

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How to subscribe to Knowledge Base updates?

The Knowledge Base subscription can be extended directly from WebCEO's interface. The moment it is expired, WebCEO will notify you and offer you the possibility to subscribe. Paying through WebCEO makes this procedure easy and safe: your payment will be both secure (our SSL Certificate features 256-bit encryption) and instant with immediate activation.

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