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Send your clients reports via the White Label SEO Report Sharing System

What is the White Label SEO Report Sharing System?

Are you thinking about a successful career as an SEO specialist? Or do you want to provide highly professional SEO reports in a unique way that builds

strong confidence in you from your clients? It's not a dream any longer.

The SEO Report Sharing System consists of four basic links:
Client Manager - Scheduler - WebCEO Datacenter - Report Viewer

SEO Report Sharing

In order to get the system to work, you should set up the client's account and preferences in the WebCEO Client Manager and specify what SEO reports should automatically run with the SEO Task Scheduler. With the successful completion of scheduled scannings, the SEO reports are uploaded to the WebCEO Datacenter.

Report Viewer is a small software program that will request reports from the WebCEO Datacenter and view them. You give its setup file (or a download link) and logon data to your clients, who then install it on their PCs and use it to obtain reports. The white label SEO Report Viewer and SEO reports your client gets from it will be branded with your own logo, images, texts and other details.

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How you benefit from using the Report Sharing System

1. Receive automatic fast and reliable service. It will take you just a few minutes to set up your Client Manager and Scheduler, and your clients will automatically receive all the SEO reports that are generated for them, with little human involvement. Minimum effort and time on your end will result in accurate, professional and timely SEO reports for your clients stored on our secure servers.

2. Provide a full-fledged set of professional reports. Report Viewer can deliver the SEO reports generated by the Ranking Checker, Link reports, Website Auditor, and Search Engine Submission tool, as well as the HitLens (website traffic analysis tool) and Site Uptime Monitor to your clients. The suggested reports cover important areas for showing progress of your SEO activities, site promotion and administration efforts.

  • The Ranking reports will give accurate, structured and clear information about your clients' web site positions on search engine Results Pages.
  • The Site Quality report will ensure your clients about your perfect care of their sites.
  • The Search Engine Submission reports will let your customers know about a service that you include in your regular SEO plan.
  • The HitLens reports will inform your customers about visitors to their sites and traffic referrers, such as search engines, search keywords and campaigns. You can also provide campaign efficiency analysis, etc.
  • The Site Uptime Monitoring reports will give your clients benchmarks that would be critical for the evaluation of their servers' performance.

Web CEO Report Viewer: Multi-language version is now available3. Tailor Report Viewer to your clients' tastes. Report Viewer gives a polish to your work. Its look-n-feel depends on you and your understanding of your client's requirements. You can decorate Report Viewer, as well as SEO reports, with your logo, images, style skins and texts so that they look unique and best fit your clients' aesthetics. Such service involves more personalization, which leads to more trust and dependence on your service. Make your customer feel exceptional!

Thanks to our users, the Report Viewer is now available in the English, Russian, Polish, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and German languages. If you want to translate the Report Viewer into your language, please contact us using a contact form on our website.

4. You can obtain a cash machine. The billing system will work perfectly to support this concept: every SEO report you provide to your client can add to the total cost you charge. At the same time, your clients will know that they are getting what they are paying for: invaluable business reports that are delivered in the quickest and safest way.

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A must-have white label SEO report sharing system for SEO specialists who want to streamline their work

Add quality, value and expertise to your regular SEO services. Take good care of your clients; they surely will appreciate it!

Take a free trial to see how efficiently you can run your SEO business with the WebCEO professional SEO software.

What experts and users have said about the WebCEO Search Engine Optimization software:

Anthony Howard
Owner Howard SEM Group
California & Nevada, United States

Why do you use WebCEO?

We searched far and wide for a strong reliable software package that was all inclusive to provide our clients

from the US & abroad with a standardized reporting system that is easily understandable.

We had no idea of the amount of powerful tools this package would come with, it has helped our company succeed in numerous. The Web CEO team has a wonderful support system as well. Thanks again Web CEO!

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