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Measure and report your completed SEO tasks

How do you account for your SEO efforts?

SEO beginners and seasoned SEO practitioners alike often have a similar question: how does one report his or her search engine optimization work to customers? What is the best metric for the effort to complete all those different SEO tasks? Even if SEO specialists do not bill per hour, they need to tell their customers how much time they've spent optimizing sites. So do you have a convenient method to measure your effort to achieve a contracted SEO result for your client?

If you now make records on paper or keep everything in your head until you make up a report, you may want to forget about this old method and look at WebCEO SEO Task Journal - an automatic time measuring and reporting tool for your SEO tasks.

All you have to do to start gauging an SEO task is make a few general settings, such as starting to record the duration of your work with an SEO tool, and/or whether you will make a note in the journal when you start a new project, create a new SEO task name, etc.

In the process of your work on a project, you may want to make a note related to it, for example ('14 days after the Sitemap submission'). WebCEO Journal allows you to make such notes; they can be attached to your SEO work summary report.

What SEO task information can you find in the WebCEO Journal?

WebCEO SEO Task Journal shows five different presentations of your activities.

The most general 'Project Overview' report lists all your projects and specifies the total time spent on each project.

'Task Overview' shows a list of SEO tasks and corresponding hours and minutes you devoted to each of them.

The 'Summary' report is a more detailed report where the data are grouped around both projects and tasks; it will tell you the project's name, each of the tasks you performed for this project and the total time spent on each SEO task.

'Details by task' is very much similar to 'Summary', it only adds the starting and ending time spent on a task.

'Notes' gives you the most complete information: a

date and time, a project, a task and a note pertaining to the moment you are writing or to any other data.

As always, WebCEO allows you to look at your results from different angles, giving you a well-rounded picture in the SEO Task Journal.

SEO Journal: Tasks Overview

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