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Website Audit - Check Your Site Quality

Why is it important to check your site for broken links?

Let's illustrate the importance of a website audit using an example. You go online to shop around for something you really need. Then you find it in two places, site A and site B. Both sites offer you excellent quality products, big discounts, etc. However, site A is much slower than site B, and you come across broken links and missing images from time to time. A simple question - where will you buy?

The answer is quite natural and our research confirms that up to 27% of visitors leave sites because of a broken link or slow pages. Can you afford losing one third of your customers?

Broken links and even incorrectly rendered images can seriously damage site's credibility.

The credibility of your website is especially important in the World Wide Web, because here you don't see a seller in person and the risk of fraud is several times higher. You would certainly choose to purchase from a website that looks professional and works like a Swiss watch: its owner probably invested a lot of time and money to achieve this effect, UNLIKE a fraudster who makes a website to last for one week and doesn't care about what would happen to it when it finally compromises itself and loses its reputation. A broken link checker is what helps you keep looking professional and inspire trust.

What does a website audit consist of?

A website audit is a process of detecting and reporting all usability and credibility problems on a website. It involves analysis of the site for several factors, such as:

  • Broken links and anchors
  • Missing images and their attributes
  • Incorrectly displayed graphics
  • Slow pages
  • Old pages
  • Hard-to-reach or non-linked pages
  • Missing (or improperly formatted) META information – such as a META Description tag - and especially a TITLE tag that seriously affects your search engine rankings.

As a result, such a website audit will give you:

  • A clean and professional look for your website to attract and keep visitors interested, reassured and loyal and

Website Audit - Page Errors

  • Information on the abandonment rate and bottlenecks in the conversion funnels which will help you troubleshoot technical and marketing deficiencies.

Unfortunately, there is no website audit software yet that would estimate how appealing and attractive your site looks. Fortunately, there IS a website audit software program that would check and report all credibility factors.

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Learn the secrets of website audit firms

What should you do? Of course, you can try to improve your site by clicking on every link and guessing what is wrong with that page. If your site has over 10 pages and 50 links, a website audit will soon become a painful and long-drawn-out duty, not to mention that some problems are not to be found on the surface.

Now imagine that your website uses a dynamic technology to generate thousands of pages, such as, for example, an online catalog. A website audit in these cases becomes a headache even for professional site audit companies. Usually, though, such companies have a secret time-saving website audit utility that automates a large number of their routines. Nowadays, since the Web has become more complicated and involves more and more technologies, website audit tools have evolved into sophisticated programs that can do advanced things like checking the Multimedia and ActiveX content, submitting forms and scanning password-protected pages.

WebCEO offers you this enterprise quality website

Website Audit - Site Quality Overview

audit software so you can do the website quality check on your own site in-house, thus saving your money: WebCEO gives you the Website Quality Manager (we call it Auditor). This is njot just a broken link checker, this incredible website audit tool thoroughly examines all pages on your site and literally pinpoints every error and problem.

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Get an excellent overview of site quality

Broken links, slow pages, missing images and their attributes, missing Meta tags and Titles - the WebCEO Site Quality Auditor gives you a full coverage of these and many other problems.

Overall, you'll have 21 reports highlighting every problem area on your site. And with the detailed breakdown of problems by page you'll completely stop guessing.

Retain full control over your website with the audit reporting feature

The All-on-screen feature turns your work with the website Auditor into a pleasure. On one screen, even without looking at the reports, you can see your site as is, with detailed information about each page: properties, errors and warnings, parent and child pages.

Use the WebCEO Website Audit Tool to make your site search engine and visitor friendly

Download WebCEO and take a free trial to audit your site and see if there are broken links, technical and SEO errors preventing your site from perfect performance. Eleven other WebCEO tools for search engine optimization and website promotion will also be at your disposal.

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