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Use Web CEO Site Uptime Monitoring Tool to Monitor the availability of your site to visitors

Is your website always up?

If not, you dangerously risk your business. Your visitors will not blame your hosting company if they can't access your website. It is you who is responsible for your site's availability.

That's what they think. Not sure? Ask yourself - you are

a customer as well. Here's the worst part: they leave without intention to revisit your site later when it is up. With today's customer acquisition costs, your losses may grow to big numbers.

How to ensure your website and mail server work in a stable manner

If there is a problem, there is a solution. WebCEO offers a subscription-based site uptime monitoring service integrated within the WebCEO program interface. The site uptime monitoring tool keeps you informed on the availability of your website. The monitoring centers in the United States and the United Kingdom work round the clock and perform end-to-end checks with the time interval depending on the service plan. In this way, they deliver a true customer perspective.

Whenever website monitoring tools detect that your website or any related service (incoming and outgoing mail servers, HTTPS, etc.) is not available to visitors, our Datacenter informs you and/or any other persons about the problem. An error notification can be sent to an e-mail, cellular phone, etc. It describes the source of the problem and helps you understand what action should be taken to resolve it.

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Features of the WebCEO Site Uptime Monitor

  • Host availability control
    As it derives from its name, this monitoring tool tracks the availability of your website (technically speaking, it monitors the HTTP service of your server or host). It also measures such hosting quality characteristics as DNS lookup time, site download time, and sends host pings.
  • Advanced monitoring
    If your business strongly depends on your website, and you have more services activated on it, you may want to use the full scope of features available in WebCEO's Site Uptime Monitoring service. The advanced monitoring service tests mail server availability (POP3 and SMTP), monitors content constancy to ensure your site is not hacked, and tracks additional ports: FTP, HTTPS, SSH, IMAP, Telnet, SNPP, and two custom ports of your choice.

Website Uptime Monitoring Tool - Setup Tab

  • Intercontinental monitoring
    Your website is being monitored from the East Coast of the USA and from the UK. Thus you can see host ping, download time and availability of your site from both hemispheres.
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Features of the WebCEO Site Uptime Monitor

With WebCEO site uptime monitor tool you can see a detailed log on availability of your website. If you prefer graphical presentation, you will find eight comprehensive reports with charts and other visual information needed to see what is going on:

  • Connect time
  • Host ping
  • DNS resolve time
  • Download time
  • Download speed
  • Timeouts
  • Downtime
  • Events by time period
  • Uptime

You can also make an immediate Speed Test to see how fast your site is downloaded in three different parts of the world - in the USA, in the UK and on your computer.

Website Monitoring Tool Reports

There are two types of the monitoring reports: weekly summary reports generated by the WebCEO monitoring servers once a week (sent to subscribers of the free and advanced plans) and WebCEO software export reports that may be exported by our users directly from the website monitoring tool within the WebCEO software program.

The weekly summary monitoring report gives you an overview of your hosting server performance. By viewing the numbers, you can instantly understand if your site's performance is stable and if its speed is competitively high.

All along we provide benchmarks, so you can compare

your site's numbers to the averages of all other users. Refer to the Website Monitoring Tool FAQ for the definitions and the details of the weekly monitoring reports.

The software export reports are emailed from within the WebCEO site uptime monitoring tool - you just click on a certain report, click "File", then "Mail to", enter the recipient's details, and press "Send". The following reports can be sent from WebCEO: Connect time, Host ping, DNS resolve time, Download time, Download speed, Timeouts, Downtime, Events by time period, and Uptime.

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Branding of the Site Uptime Monitoring reports

If you provide services to third parties, there is a possibility not to mention WebCEO in your monitoring reports.

The weekly summary reports are sent with the 'WebCEO' logo inside to all users of the Free monitoring plan. Users of the advanced monitoring plans (Silver, Gold, Platinum) may get these reports unbranded if they tick the option "Remove all signs of WebCEO from the report" in the 'Weekly monitoring report' tab. In addition, they can insert a custom header and footer.

The software export reports contain 'WebCEO' mentions regardless of the monitoring plan (except the Free plan which won't let you export reports at all). Only users of the Professional WebCEO Suite, who have subscribed to advanced monitoring plans (Silver, Gold, Platinum), can brand program reports with their logo, so WebCEO will not be mentioned.

Find out more about Site Uptime Monitoring pricing and plans.

Download WebCEO with the Site Uptime Monitor Tool

If you want to have your site's availability under control and to be able to compare quality of your hosting service with the industry standards, download WebCEO and take a free trial.

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