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What people think about the Web CEO Suite: awards, WebCEO reviews and opinions

Mike Grehan
Search Engine Book

"WebCEO Suite looks like a real contender… It is billed as a suite of power packed solutions and it has to be said: it's impressive and professional. WebCEO not only does rank checking and submitting (as most of these packages do) it also has its own keyword database to tap into.

As it's an ASP model, this means that you are always completely current and never using out of date software. Each time you log in and get going, you're using the most recent data every time."

Peter Da Vanzo

"WebCEO Suite looks like a real contender… It is billed as a suite of power packed solutions and it has to be said: it's impressive and professional. WebCEO not only does rank checking and submitting (as most of these packages do) it also has its own keyword database to tap into.

Carolyn Stoll-Sokol

"Before Web CEO, I spent much of my time searching for the best SEO tools; rank checkers, backlink checkers, submission tools, etc. The solution found in having them all in one place, not to mention the most competitive ones on the market, ended up being a great resolution!

A year ago, I hired an SEO consultant who recommended Web CEO, but I didn’t really put much stock in it. Eventually, I decided to try it out and I can honestly say that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Web CEO not only provided me with the best tools for the job, but it saved me money in the long run, eliminating the need for me to hire out to other SEO companies the jobs I couldn’t do or didn’t have time for.

Web CEO gave me time to become self-taught in SEO skills and now my company is dominating the market. Looking back, I would probably still be paying for site audits and link builders that I didn’t need. This tool is worth every penny."

Michael Guy
SEO Expert

"I am number 1 in the world for "seo expert" (google "seo expert") and I my clients include senators, surgeons and major car manufacturers. WebCEO delivers the ONLY "out of the box" SEO software that not only works, it rocks! The software was recommended to me another SEO expert whom I admire and the time it saved me allowed me to vacation in Hawaii for 15 days this year! Any serious SEO must have this in his/her arsenal.

The first time I fired it up I was blown away. It is like having 4 more employees who are highly trained! This ease of use with its robust and cutting edge suite of reporting features combined with its visualization tools were just the icing on the cake. Our revenues are up from 1.4 million to well over 2 million this year. I have to give credit where credit is due. It is all thanks to WEBCEO.

I tested WebCEO on BING and defeated ticketmaster in 6 weeks for the term "tickets for sale", so I can tell you without a doubt it works on all major search engines. I recommend WEBCEO exclusively for all my students as well. I have beta tested every SEO software on the market and WEB CEO is the ONLY SEO/ Site management software I take seriously as the killer app here at our company. Thanks to the team at WEB CEO for helping us double our revenues.."

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Paul Horner

"I've already recommended your software to a few other SEO guys. I'm even giving a presentation at a local Art Web School about SEO. I'm going to drop WEBCEO's name to the students. This software has helped me get some of my sites like in the top ten of Google with such huge searches as themes, "desktop "themes", "windows themes" and "xp themes". Thanks again for your support. Have a great day!!"

Morgan Carey AKA SEO GUY

"There are numerous search engine optimization packages around, however this is one of the most comprehensive.

Unlike similar tools, WebCEO includes inbuilt keyword research software, so you can establish exactly which keywords you need to target before the technical optimization work begins. In all, WebCEO features nine separate website promotion tools. Recommended."

Awarded best rankings and certified as spyware-free at software download and review sites

    Softpedia   Fiberdownload

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Sumantra Roy
CEO and President

"I have been optimizing web sites for the search engines for more than 4 years now, and this is the first software that I have seen that does almost EVERYTHING that a web site owner might want it to do.

Once you get this program, you can bid good-bye to most of the other programs that you may have used or tried earlier - you won't need them anymore. Once you get WebCEO, you no longer need to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in purchasing each application separately.

Also, if you hate programs that have a steep learning curve, you will be pleasantly surprised with WebCEO - it is so easy-to-use that you will be up and running in almost no time.

If, like me, you value your time more than anything else, downloading WebCEO will probably be one of the smartest decisions you will ever take for your business."

Paul Fisher

"A highly competent package. Web CEO has an excellent range of extremely useful and powerful modules that cover all areas of website marketing.

Web CEO is more affordably priced than previous versions, meaning that its enhanced features are well within reach for most businesses.

Overall, Web CEO offers the most features for your money, and is backed up by a highly responsive and knowledgeable team. We rate this software a Start Buy."

David Cosgrove
SEO Expert, Owner

"Web CEO makes my life easy! It is by far the most powerful and easy to use SEO software available. Web CEO demystifies the entire SEO process and is the foundation of my easy organic SEO consulting. With just a few clicks I learn *exactly* what my customers need to get top rankings on the major search engines

Among the tons of amazing features Web CEO has, the customizable reports are a *must have* for any serious SEO firm. Web CEO helps me attract and retain new customers every day. Web CEO is the SEO best of breed application. Enough said."

Brian Sniff
Simco Web

"Finally a program designed to help you optimize and maintain your search engine status in a highly user friendly environment!

Web CEO is a suite of power packed solutions to getting a firm grip on what makes your web site more search engine friendly. Attaining high rankings in search engine results is one of the most important components of a successful web site. And, one of the most elusive!

It's an extremely well thought out program that uses simple logic to help you move through the processes of optimizing your site. If you're serious about obtaining and maintaining high rankings in the search engines then this software program is the top choice for you."

Fabio Uncinotti
SEO Expert

"... I am writing to say that thanks to the free version of the Web CEO software and I think my good way to make web pages, I got my brand new site in the first page in google for the keywords "posizionamento motore ricerca" and it is a very competitive one, over a million results in google so beside being not too handsome I am good too.

I registered this new domain for a very competitive market as the search engine experts in Italy, and now after only 40 days I am in the first page of google, no Sand box and no problem, Google likes me a lot. I just wanted to share my happiness and my picture with you, so that is it for today, have a very nice day."

Goran Andersson,
Visby, Sweden

"You always give me excellent support! I remember the first time I was in contact with you. I didn't have so much money at that time, but you let me buy the program for half the price because it was an uncommercial site. Now I run 3 big sites, 2 of them really high optimized and with high Page Rank. During the years I have found out that WEBCEO is the best SEO ever created! Thanks a lot. Good luck with the development in the future!"

Tony Coopers

"I highly recommend this tool and make it the storebuilder choice for this market sector."

On keywords module: "This feature gives you the power to be able type in a keyword say ”promotion” and have all of the related keywords returned in an orderly list ranked by daily searches. This is a great tool and I found myself using it more than wordtracker simply because it gave up so much more information about the keywords that I was hunting for than wordtracker itself… Considering that wordtracker costs $251 for a one year subscription and webceo smallbiz edition is $295 outright – it’s worth the admittance fee on this feature alone."

On optimization: "... presents you with a screen that allows you to specify a page that you wish to analyse either from the web or locally on your PC. You then input your keywords that you wish to be found on and you are done!"

On SEO editor: "this is a competent editor with which you can quickly and easily add those missing meta tags and headings. It's no good for building pages but for correcting optimisation mistakes it's ideal."

On ranking: "What I like best about this reporting system is that you can see where you rank for a keyword AND the competition for that keyword so that you can begin to build a picture of where you would EXPECT to rank for any new keyword term that you introduce. This is as close as you are going to get to being able to judge which keywords you can spend time introducing into your site without fear of them ranking on page gazillion."

Hitlens (Site statistics): "... gives you all of the statistical information about your site that you need unless you are the most demanding statistician, in which case you probably have your own stats program anyway."

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David Geere
Search Engine Specialist

"As a professional SEO of the last few years and Internet technologies enthusiast, it has been refreshing and exciting to happen upon a new product that actually does what it is meant to and so much more in a clean and professional way. My background as a designer lets me appreciate how well crafted both the design and functionality of the program is. My background as an SEO expert and web tech programmer lets me understand just how powerful and professional this magic software is!

In the past we have created our own ranking systems, checking systems, stats systems etc to try and monitor and record all the details of an SEO campaign from the very start. This software has made it all 110% easier and far more effective. For me the most important feature is the ranking and reporting system, and it is spot on! Well done WebCEO, I am glad we crossed paths."

Flemming Madsen
Costa Del Sol Portal

"Great! What else can I say?"

Azam Corry
Internet Marketer since 1997

"An impressive collection of well designed, fully integrated tools and a back-end that empowers you to organize and manage unlimited jobs, Web CEO does just about everything you could ask - and then some.

Not only do you blast through tasks that take ages to do manually, but having everything built into one application means the tools can talk to each other, making them even more useful. Plus you find that simply no longer having to jump between several different programs also saves you a lot of time in itself.

Because Web CEO analyzes entire websites and not just pages, it makes short work of revealing rough spots and errors that need attention, and which otherwise would have probably gone unnoticed.

Whether it's bad HTML or poor SEO, Web CEO tells you exactly what's wrong and how to fix it. At the click of a button you can then pull up pages to edit on the spot and upload the modifications to your site.

But you can do a lot more than simply analyze how well your own pages are optimized. Type in an URL or do a rank check and highlight a page that's keeping you off the top spot, click the button, and viola! You have the skinny on how your competitor's page is optimized, pointing you to what needs to be done to grab that position for yourself.

Despite being Pro-grade software, Web CEO does a great job of guiding the complete novice step-by-step through the process of getting better rankings. The clear and comprehensive help files explain the purpose of each tool and use of every function, and together with the intuitive layout make light work of getting up to speed.

Whatever your level, Web CEO enables you to get a lot more done in a lot less time, and switch seamlessly between projects. With Keyword mining, rank checking, optimization, error reporting, and 5 more tools literally at your fingertips, Web CEO is simply the best SEO software I've used."

James Hobson

"We spent exhaustive hours comparing various Internet marketing software to find a robust tool that included the ability to provide our clients with automated reports branded with our name. We're very pleased that we purchased WebCEO. The product is wonderful and our customers are excited about what we are providing. WebCEO has automated and organized a lot of our SEM tasks which saves us time and allows our junior team members to provide higher quality services. I highly recommend not only WebCEO but specifically the Professional Unleashed version."

Neil Silverthorn
Marketing Technologist

"I've used many SEO tools over the past 3 years and currently use several different tools for both on-page and off-page optimization. 6 months ago I started a marketing agency which now requires my team to provide consistant, accurate and current results on a regular basis for our clients. Using my favorite SEO tools from assorted vendors was proving to be too time consuming, so we have been busy evaluating many trials from popular SEO suites that will better meet our needs and improve time management. I found Web CEO to be the most efficient and comprehensive package available. Each of the 12 tools hold their own compared to most any individual tool I have been using, and a few of these tools are the best I've ever used. Each Web CEO tool integrates research data so we can now spend less time transferring results from one tool to another, plus we know that all our reports are always up to date and accurate. I recommend Web CEO to any SEO consultant, marketing agency or individual business who needs top SEO results."

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Joseph L. Damiano Jr.
Damiano Consulting

"WebCEO is more than simply positioning software, it is a multifunctional website promotion and development tool. I found it to be a software program that my company will incorporate and retain.

The product uses the ASP technology to remain updated. Literally hundreds of different search engines, metacrawlers, and directories can be analyzed for keyword analysis or popularity research... It provides a site position checker, and has automated submission processes which save time while maintaining site position integrity...

One of the key aspects that I found to be important was how the research tools, and website maintenance tools complemented each other. This is simple and elegant without a steep learning curve for a professional webmaster or Information Architect.

I normally do not endorse products. However, this product can be used by both your client and marketing firm. This software solution is a must have in this competitive industry. WebCEO is a "tool-of-the-trade", and can be a maintenance center for the well informed company webmaster."

Sean Rosensteel
Savvy Pro Web

"Our team uses WebCEO to track ranking positions for our own sites as well as our clients' sites. We also enjoy using the back-link tracking tool, as it's helpful in analyzing where your back-links are coming from and who is linking to you. It's very helpful to analyze specific pages and to see what keywords are being used as anchors, what natural links are occurring, etc. WebCEO is a great tool for beginners in the web marketing world who want to get a "leg-up" on their competition and start learning the basics of search engine optimization at a very affordable price. A big thanks to WebCEO for putting together a wonderful resource and having a great support team!"

Dan Goble
All Family Realty

"Dear Web CEO,

7 months ago I started working on my website diligently trying to make it move up the list on Google. After six months of fighting SEO software and downloadable instructions, my site barely made a move. The only search keyword that returned within sight was my web url. My business is real estate. Google produces 700,000 results for the key words “real estate”. I gave up trying.

Six weeks ago I decided to contact a professional SEO company to do it for me and nearly expired when I saw the price they charged. In looking for another company I saw your software was listed very high on the search page and decided to download the free version to see if it was any easier to use than the others.

The first thing I discovered was that wonderful angel on the videos that sat beside me through every phase, from finding the keyword to maintaining the site.

I now have 2 pages that appear on the first page of Google. I am far from done but at least I can see it can be done. I am excited to have received calls on real estate, Buying Homes, and Selling Homes and just needing a realtor.

I want the professional version of your software right now for 1/10th the price the SEO company quoted. If you have any prospective customers who think this is not a true testimonial have them see my real estate site. Let them know they can email or call me anytime for information on my experience."

Bobbi Nagle
Unicorn Web Development

"Web CEO's training course was a godsend to our business. SEO was always a piece of the web development pie that my company outsourced due to lack of training and knowledge. We needed something that was comprehensive, easy to follow and most important available when we were able to take the time to train. WebCEO provided all these elements for us. Three members of my staff have gone through the training. The course was very educational and when we had questions, we received prompt attention. Completing the course gave my company the SEO edge we needed for business."

Dudley Martens
Site Owner

"I just wanted to say that I launched my web site about two months ago and I have done a lot of research on how to move your site up in rankings. ... After using your free version of webceo for a couple of days, I had to get Smallbiz Unleashed! I can't believe that you can do it for that price. ... I just want to say I'm impressed with your product! Thank you for sending me the e-mail!"

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Steve Gould
CEO & Technical Director

"I'd like to wish WebCEO happy birthday. I've been using free version of the package for several years now and though I'm quite an experienced web marketer (having worked in this field since 1997) I find WebCEO an invaluable time saving tool. For me it's like a Swiss Army knife because it has a solution for everything. For example I'm particularly fond of the ability to create Google compatible XML sitemaps at the touch of a button. I can do this in many other ways but all of them take much more time to organise. WebCEO does it in a flash and it's like that with everything it does! I've tried all the other packages on the market but I always come back to WebCEO because it's the best and it does everything it claims to do, saving me time and money."

Brian Greenberg
SEO Services

"I just wanted to say that I launched my web site about two months ago and I have done a lot of research on how to move your site up in rankings. ... After using your free version of webceo for a couple of days, I had to get Smallbiz Unleashed! I can't believe that you can do it for that price. ... I just want to say I'm impressed with your product! Thank you for sending me the e-mail!"

In addition to the keyword ranking tool… we love the link checking, monitoring, and directory submission tools. And the automatic scheduler is a life saver."

Jennifer Marshall
Site Owner

"I'd like to wish WebCEO happy birthday. I've been using free version of the package for several years now and though I'm quite an experienced web marketer (having worked in this field since 1997) I find WebCEO an invaluable time saving tool. For me it's like a Swiss Army knife because it has a solution for everything. For example I'm particularly fond of the ability to create Google compatible XML sitemaps at the touch of a button. I can do this in many other ways but all of them take much more time to organise. WebCEO does it in a flash and it's like that with everything it does! I've tried all the other packages on the market but I always come back to WebCEO because it's the best and it does everything it claims to do, saving me time and money."

This program isn't just a list of tasks to be checked off, yet it is extremely intuitive and easy for my laymen brain to understand. I finally feel in control of our SEO strategy. Thank you WebCEO for offering such a comprehensive product and a great price!"

Gianpaolo Lorusso
Site Owner

"I have been using with great satisfaction WebCEO since my first steps in the SEO field. I especially appreciate the Ranking Checker functionality - the excellent dashboard summarizing of ranking history - and the possibility to share all data with customers via Report Viewer (whose localization in Italian I contributed effectively)."

Robert Froslev
Costa Del Sol Portal

"I must say that your software IS GREAT, far the best I've ever tried, and I've tried the lot, AddWeb 6, SubmitWolf just to mention some of them, but WebCEO beat'em all."

To the top

Jeff Robinson

"We've been using WebCEO for 4 years with our International client base. It's an absolutely indispensable tool for SEO. The program is very comprehensive and the support is outstanding. If you're not using WebCEO, you're not unleashing your full potential."

Kevin O'Neill
O'Neill's Electronic Museum

"Web CEO has been valuable in numerous ways besides being a time saver. I have a firm and provable belief that the European presence has increased dramatically due to your tools. I certainly have developed more European contacts in the last few months.

The benefits of tailoring the site to the visitors wants is inestimable. There are numerous new donors of equipment starting to e-mail me. When we contact prospective donors the value of presenting a "polished" web site cannot be assessed

I cannot thank you enough for the SW and continued support of our museum."

Chuck Cooke
Site Owner

"I just wanted to thank you for Web CEO. My little web design/graphic design/SEO company is really struggling right now, and while I really wanted to continue offering SEO services to my clients, there was no way possible for me to pay for any of the high priced programs that I'd used in the past. SEO is a relatively small portion of my business, but the clients who want it, want it badly.

Because of the cost of the SEO program that I had been using [IBP 7–10], I was forced to drop SEO services awhile back when it quit updating [and bugging me to death to send them another $400]. Clients were angry, but as I said, SEO is a small part of my business and [despite the pricing info on my website] was often given away as a perk for my customers. After scouring the internet for months for a low cost or free program, I had almost given up … then I found Web CEO. I have no idea what took me so long to find you, because now when you perform a search using "Best SEO Program", you're always at or near the top of the list.

So again, I can't thank you enough for your phenomenal program. When things are better, I will most definitely be purchasing the retail version of your program and have no plans of ever using any other SEO program other than Web CEO in the future."

Kevin French
Director of Marketing

"It makes the difficult & time consuming task of search engine optimization easier and more manageable. I no longer need to switch between several different applications to perform a thorough analysis, optimization and submission of a site... Moreover, Web CEO provides all of the tools I need & provides a central location to track, manage & analyze all of the critical information that is necessary to effectively and efficiently optimize a website for search engines."

Pavel Gorenitsin

"Web CEO will help you organize your daily search engine optimization efforts — from link and PPC campaign management to site promotion and content optimization. Offered for a price you can definitely afford, it's an ultimate powerhouse of a SEO expert who values money and appreciates comfort. The program will assist you with every aspect of your site promotion: initial analysis, optimization, site promotion, ongoing analysis of your site's performance and general maintenance. Hundreds of happy customers find it exceptionally useful and convenient, but it's always a good idea to check out the trial version first — especially if it's free! The program has a simple user interface that can be used by complete novices and jaded pro's alike and offers 12 powerful SEO tools under a simple umbrella.

Web CEO is a compact, yet very professional tool for day-to-day SEO work on any level. If you have a roadmap and ready to work your way to the top, good luck — and don’t forget to take Web CEO aboard!"

To the top

Jack Kennard

"I've been using WebCEO for over 4 years now and I'm very pleased with their product. Not only do they keep their program up to date with the latest technologies, and their training class and information is the best I've seen. WebCEO is a major part of my SEO services and I recommend to others as well."

Dan Ball
DB Masters Multimedia
Webmaster and SEO

"FYI, WebCEO is the best thing I have ever found for SEO. I have used them all, This is the easiest, most effective tool I have seen yet. I only have the $19 version and am seriously considering upgrading, not as much for the feature additions as for the fact I want to support a product this great...and I have only had it about 2 weeks...and ALREADY seen myself steadily moving up rankings on a few search engines..."

Dominique Albert
Site owner

"... you probably ask yourself the following:"Is Web CEO efficient enough (in SEO) to make me beat my competitors? Does-it really work and how well? "... My (genuine) story just proves that with Web CEO you can reach the Top 10 target in less than 24 Hrs with a big major Search Engine ..."

Sergey Smirnov
Mamboo -
The Online Sports Shop
Director of
Business Development

"If you are interested to know, you baited me with the integrity of approach to common problems of webmasters. In fact you didn't offer me your software like others do, rather you gave me the understanding of the whole PROCESS and RESULTS Web CEO delivers. Astounding!"

Jon Burnham
1-st Research

"WebCEO is my tool of choice for managing my client's web presence. It helps me ensure that their heads will always stand above their world-wide competitors (even those they did not know existed!!). Compared to equivalent programs, it has the major advantage of preventing the embarrassment of "faulty website syndrome" with it's extensive management and monitoring facilities. In my opinion, it is a must-have weapon in the hyper-competitive online business war."

Alex Matsko
Gilan-Lava, LLC

"First of all, thank you! I'll be really concise. We have to deal with the most demanding customers one can imagine such as Motorola and other top brands, so it is no wonder none of us has the right to make a mistake. And CEO does a great job helping us remain above praise and above competition.

Again, thank you for this excellent software (and I know what I'm saying because we are developers as well). I don't know what we would do without it."

To the top

Ross Law and
his charming wife Kym
Spidersnet Mackay

"Just wanted to say this is the easiest and most accurate keyword ranking software I've ever used. Very well done folks, a very trustworthy program."

John Robarge
SEO and SEM services

"Your product is my business. I live in it everyday like a fine suit. It helps me manage my business and makes it more enjoyable. Oh. it saves me immense amounts of time."

Doug Hayman
Expert Software Systems

"I am a new customer of WebCEO SmallBiz Unleashed. After using it for the past week, I have to complement you on what a truly outstanding product it is. I am experienced with SEO and was a developer in a past life, and I truly appreciate the level of detail that you have put into this product. It was designed well, it is intuitive to use, and the interface is superb. Kudos to your company!"

Vivek Satoskar

"I had launched my portal in September 2004, for three years we hardly had any traffic to our site. Last year we bought WebCeo and within a year using all its tools our site now ranks in top three in most of the keywords for searches related to Tourism in Goa. We recently launched and we are already number 1 for keyword 'Off Beat Stays in India'. WebCeo is a must for everyone who plans to make it big in online space."

Avery Hilditch
Secrett Systems

"As Secrett Systems we have had our own web site for 10 or 12 years. Unfortunately we never found out how to optimize the pages to ensure that we showed up high in the search engine rankings.

Then in May 2009, a colleague introduced me to Web CEO. He told me how it had helped him to optimize his site and the way he had climbed the rankings as a result. I therefore decided that we should give it a go.

The results have been truly remarkable. Most of the software development work we have done in the past has been under contract to others the mid-2008 we decided to develop our own range of applications. The first, a program to help create a simple last will and testament - Simply Willing, was released in March 2009. The web page for Simply Willing went on line at the same time and after a couple of weeks was showing around 30 pages into engines such as Google. I used WebCEO to optimize the page and then republished it. Within a couple of weeks it had climbed to page 7 or 8 in the listing.

A month or so after optimizing with WebCEO it was showing on the first page on Google. An excellent result for us which has now seen a steady stream of orders coming in. I have now started using it to optimize the rest of the pages on my web site. After using WebCEO on some of the pages, for a couple of the products we offer acting as an affiliate for other developers, our page is appearing higher in the rankings than the developers!

WebCEO is extremely easy to use with well written, clear help files - very important in my view. I have no hesitation in recommending it to other web site owners.

Mike Carver
Web Mender

"I don't actually need any support at the moment, I am contacting you to let you know WebCEO is brilliant. Up to now, I have been using WebPosition Gold for my SEO projects but your product offers so much more and has a much friendlier interface. I initially downloaded the free version and quickly added the HitLens feature. Thanks for a great software product."

Terry Llewellyn
El Galleon Beach Resort
Beach Resort - Philippines

"Having used Web CEO over a number of years, I thought I would write and tell you of a major success I have had. A beach and dive resort in the Philippines commissioned me to do SEO work on their web site. Other SEO companies had worked on it in the past, but they had not had the benefit of using Web CEO.

I began by using the Keywords tool and found keywords nobody had thought of or had discounted. Having decided what the target market was I used the WebCEO tool to optimize the pages and created new pages where necessary.

In the eight months I have worked on the site, which has 400+ pages site visitors has increased by over 70%. The owners are so happy they have given me a free holiday on top of my requested fee.

Thank you Web CEO and anyone interested can view the site at"

To the top

Keith Simpson
AutoCare Centre

"Hello Web CEO, I just wanted to inform you that I have been using Web CEO for many years. Optimising and Submitting to search engines using keyword Car Servicing Leeds. My website has been No1 on Google for many years, and I just wanted to say thankyou very much to all concerned. I think Web CEO is fantastic and is a credit to you all, keep up the good work people."

Patrik Muehlematter

"During our SEO work at Scuba Promotion and GoodDive we have many repetitive tasks that are time consuming. Till now we were using different software to facilitate our job. When some of our tools started to become outdated I decided to test Web CEO. The free trial version gave me great results, for this reason I immediately bought the professional license and till now we use many tools of this complete suite of SEO. The combination of good knowledge of search engine optimization and this software gave us great success. The team at WebCEO are helpful and punctual. I highly recommend this software."

Gabriel LopezSeco
Web Developer & Certified SEO

"Having been in technology for over 20 years, and worked at companies like Microsoft and Cisco Systems, I have never had the pleasure of dealing with a company like WebCEO. It seems that every single "Support Angel" from Julia to Alla, go through a rigorous customer support training process, otherwise it is very difficult to understand how they can have such an amazingly consistent level of support.

I mean, yes, they are in a time zone far away, but this doesn't seem to matter. Support tickets get answered not only with the utmost level of courtesy, helpfulness and professionalism, but they do so in minutes.

Often suggesting solutions outside the scope of their job. Any time we have had a worthwhile suggestion whether for a feature request or process improvement, if feasible, to our delight, it always seemed to make it into a new upgrade. Simply impressive.

A company who is so in-tune with their customers and provides the phenomenal support WebCEO provides to customers, has but only one direction in which to move.

Congratulations to WebCEO for having increased their business, exposure and customer base while never forgetting that customer support ultimately makes a business successful. Great work, and I can't wait to see what innovation you bring to the work of SEO."

John Webster
Webster Consulting Associates

"Just to let you know that, in my opinion, Web CEO, is by far the single best asset a webmaster can have in their arsenal.

I manage about 20 sites and have installed Hitlens on several and my clients are ecstatic with the feedback I can now provide. Needless to say I am ecstatic that I can now deliver a more detailed analysis with minimal effort.

Rarely, do products live up to their hype, but yours FAR exceeds the information in the promotional material. Again thank you. Your company has made my life easier. By the way, I have never written a letter/e-mail to any company giving praise."

Michal Ciotucha - photo Michal Ciotucha,

"In my opinion there is no perfect product, the service makes the difference and Web CEO Support is excellent.

I had contact with several people from Web CEO Support and I always get excellent support - in Web CEO this is a standard treatment."

Andras Hrenko - owner
HRENKO Web Solutions

"In our projects there are some foreign websites, where not only dominates Google, so it’s easier if we work with this software. Previously the communication with the customers was very long process, but now we are more efficient with Web CEO Ranking, because my clients can constantly check their own page’s position. We tried a lot of SEO application, but now we only use Web CEO. I can only recommend, because Web CEO is stable and always accurate!"

Christina Ageli
SEO Specialist

"I have been using Web CEO for almost all my career and I can say that this tool is one of the best, if not the best for SEO reporting and advice. It keeps up with all the latest algorithm changes and is always up to date.
The tools I mostly use are "rankings report" and "optimization". Rankings report tool offers accurate rankings for all search engines as well as compares statistics with previous reports and competitors. I have used many ranking report tools and I must say that I found Web CEO the most convenient and handy.
"Optimization" tool is a must have, both for a SEO beginner as well as an SEO Expert. It provides clear advice that if followed, can skyrocket your on page SEO. It is extremely useful for someone who is a SEO beginner and is learning the basics as well as for an SEO expert, as it can dramatically reduce the time spent for on page seo of a project.
But what I think that makes the difference is online help by the Web CEO Support angels. I have used online help several times and my little problem was solved within a few minutes! I always feel safe since I know that even if I have incorrectly set up the software, support angels will resolve the issue within minutes! No need to stress and worry! Their help and presence is invaluable. Thanks Web CEO and keep up with the good job!"

Manish Patel, Chief Editor at

"This may be the best SEO package available currently."