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Check your keyword rankings in every search engine with the website ranking checker

Website ranking checker: Most useful invention ever?

If you don't believe that the website ranking checker is one of the greatest inventions of mankind (at least in the Internet age), there may be two reasons for this. Either you have never used it before or you find pleasure in suffering while trying to overcome obstacles.

Imagine yourself sitting in front of your computer and typing in numerous keywords into search boxes in

order to check search engine rankings on numerous search engines and repeating the process over and over again in order to create a website ranking report. This is how people track their search engine positions without software. It takes endless hours and days and is the dullest type of work you can imagine. Luckily, there is no need to do that any longer.

Say hello to Web CEO Website Ranking Checker

Check Search Engine Rankings

Our ranking checker simply goes and checks search engine rankings in over 750 search engines across the world. You will hardly miss any significant search

engine. And if you think one is missing, we'll be happy to add it on your request.

Moreover, we take care to check the search engine requests' and resulting pages' accuracy every business day and send you Search Engine Knowledge Base updates every time we discover that a search engine has changed its output format.

The WebCEO Website Ranking Checker tool is best for obtaining and interpreting search engine ranking information. Although the ranking checker provides tons of information with important analytical potential, the data for the website ranking report is delivered in the most understandable and usable manner.

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What information will you receive from the Website Ranking Checker?

After completion of a profile in wizard style, during which you will enter keywords (that you picked up using the Keyword Analysis Software and optimized your site pages for using the SEO Analysis and SEO Editing tools), select search engines and set a few scanning rules. The WebCEO Ranking Checker will query search engines for your site's positions on all of your entered keywords. As a result, you will get the following reports:

Site Rankings - creates a website ranking report for the keywords that you've entered. You have four main report presentations providing you keyword ranking information structured in different ways – summary and detailed reports broken down by search engine and by keywords.

In these reports Web CEO ranking checker will show your site position not only in organic search results, but also in sponsored and extended results like images, blogs, video, places, maps etc.

Additionally, you can load History to see how a specific keyword position has changed over time on a certain search engine and find other useful information that gives you a historical snapshot of your keyword position changes in search engines.

Indexed Pages - lets you know which of your site pages are indexed in the major search engines. Here, you can also load History to see when a specific page was indexed on each of the search engines.

The two above reports are also obtained for your competitors' sites - Competitors' Rankings and Competitors' Indexation - so you can check your and your competitors' search engine rankings and learn how many pages are indexed in comparison.

Ranking Score - gives you an overview of how your site is positioned in the major search engines against your competitors, so you will know how many top positions for the given keywords you have: number one, top five, top ten, or top twenty. The formula for calculating the ranking score is editable, so you can adjust it for the ranking priorities in your industry.

Search Engine Result Snippets - shows how your page information is delivered by search engines, so you can quickly scan the listings and understand the probable impression search engine users are getting about your site.

The Site and Competitors' Rankings reports can be fine-tuned with the help of a flexible filtering system. After you create a website ranking report, set a filter to single out changed positions, top ten, or moved up keyword rankings, or even set a custom filter that combines a few parameters.

Check Search Engines Ranking Score

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Why should you regularly check your search engine rankings?

Historical ranking checking is the most obvious benchmark to tell if your promotion efforts - SEO Analysis implementation, search engine and directory submission - have been effective. It also alerts you to web pages and search engine listings that need your attention to achieve better placement.

You can see how your positions have changed since the last time you checked search engine rankings, so you can think of the reasons why.

You can follow the progress of the search engines' indexing of your site pages.

You will also have an impartial assessment of search engine visibility (ranking score) in your industry.

The Ranking checker tool will give you information on how your site stacks up against your competitors.

Get accurate website ranking reports for any country

Web CEO includes all available global and local versions of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines that have local versions.

So, in whatever country your site and target audience are located, you will be able to create accurate ranking reports.

Is it safe to check search engine rankings with WebCEO?

We know that search engines frown upon automated queries and, if the ranking checking is done negligently, your IP address may get banned. We took care for your safety by introducing very intelligent technology.

Our ranking checker successfully emulates browser activity as if a human were sitting in front of a computer querying search engines. So, it is impossible to tell our ranking checker from a usual user and you do not risk your rankings and IP address.

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How to speed up rank checks in Web CEO Rank Checker without compromising your IP address

To help you save time and get ranking reports much faster while saving your IP from a ban, Web CEO desktop offers a ‘Safe TURBO mode' feature. Unlike the Human Emulation feature, this rank checker setting uses other methods such as unlimited IP rotation and unlimited CAPTCHA solving.

A combination of these methods makes the scanning process fast and safe. More info on the safe turbo mode feature >>

Get your favorite search engines added within 48 hours!

There are thousands of search engines worldwide. Though we have done our best to include every important search engine, it is virtually impossible to add all the search engines in existence.

If your targeted search engine is missing from the list of available search engines, let us know and we will add it within 48 hours or even faster, so that you could check your search engine rankings anywhere you want.

The Website Ranking Checker will do the tedious routine work for you

Ranking Checker will check search engine rankings in hundreds of search engines, compare your current and past ranking and will let you flexibly filter data in the reports.

All you need to do to create a website ranking report is download WebCEO. Another eleven SEO tools will then be at your disposal as well.

What experts and users have said about the WebCEO Search Engine Optimization software:

Brian Greenberg

We have been using WebCEO exclusively for our SEO services business for 3 years now.

The WebCEO Professional version is the very best software on the market for checking the keyword rankings for multiple websites. I recommend it

regularly on SEO forums for aspiring SEO's. It makes running ranking reports a breeze, and we couldn't be happier about the customizable ranking reports that we send to clients. In addition to the keyword ranking tool… we love the link checking, monitoring, and directory submission tools. And the automatic scheduler is a life saver.

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