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HitLens Website Traffic Analysis Service Plans

HitLens monthly cost consists of a $9.95 set fee and a potential fee for extra pageviews. For as little as $9.95/m, you can analyze your visitors, track and test your advertising campaigns, and improve your conversion rate and ROI.

The $9.95 fee includes:

  • Service activation for unlimited projects. No need to pay per website as with other vendors.
  • Your monthly subscription fee of $9.95 is credited to your WebCEO account in its entirety and covers a part (or all) your costs, depending on the volume of visitors your websites attract.

So, your actual costs will vary depending on the service plan your websites use (one of the plans listed below) and the volume of traffic they get over a month's period.

Power Reporting Plan

Basic visitor tracking $9.95 + $.59/1,000 pageviews

With over 90 unique reports organized into eight categories, this plan offers in-depth analysis of your visitors. Unless you sell goods or services or pay for advertising, this is the best choice for most users. 16,000 pageviews are included in the minimum $9.95 fee.

eCommerce Reporting plan

Advanced visitor tracking $9.95 + $.79/1,000 pageviews

In addition to all features found in Power reporting this plan allows the tracking of ad campaigns (response, conversions, ROI) and the analyzing of your income by referrer (sales, registrations, subscriptions, sales cycle, etc.). 12,000 page views are included into the minimum $9.95 fee.

Billing notes and discounts


Depending on the volume of traffic (number of pageviews) you will qualify for bulk discounts:

26,000-50,000 5%
51,000-80,000 10%
81,000-125,000 15%
126,000-200,000 20%
201,000-300,000 25%
301,000-450,000 28%
451,000-650,000 31%
651,000-1,000,000 34%
1,001,000-1,500,000 37%
1,501,000-2,500,000 40%
2,501,000-5,000,000 42%
5,001,000+ 44%
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Billing notes

  • The $9.95 price covers a certain amount of page views in both HitLens plans: Power plan - 16,000 pageviews, eCommerce plan - 12,000 page views.
  • If for all your sites your traffic doesn't exceed the limit, you pay only $9.95. If it does, you will pay $0.59 or $0.79 (according to the plan) per thousand page views. For example: 17,000 page views will cost 17*$0.59=$10.03.
  • Monthly page views are rounded up in 1,000's.
  • If you switch from the eCommerce to Power plan, changes will take effect at the beginning of the next month. The eCommerce plan allows tracking ad campaigns (response, conversions, ROI) and analyzing your income by referrer (sales, registrations, subscriptions, sales cycle, etc.)

  • If you activated the HitLens service, you will be billed $9.95 at the beginning of each month even if your websites got zero page views.
  • In order to stop getting charged $9.95 every month you must cancel your subscription by running Project Manager and deactivating the service.

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Gold for my SEO projects but your product offers so much more and has a much friendlier interface. I initially downloaded the free version and quickly added the HitLens feature. Thanks for a great software product.

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