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Know Your Visitors - Use HitLens Website Traffic Analysis service

The value of accurate live site traffic analysis

The site traffic analysis tool not only reports your traffic numbers, but also gives you valuable information that will help you understand the behavior of your site visitors better and so perform outstanding customer intelligence.

It helps you rediscover your site and see it with the eyes of your visitors. With website stats reports you can see where they come from, how they typically navigate,

what pages they visit more often, if they stay long on your site, and what files they download. You can understand if your sales funnel performs well, and what referrers are most efficient. Whatever you do, you see live results. No more weeks to wait to see the trends, no more hours to spend to prepare reports, no more guessing. All you have to do is open and view a few web analytics reports.

What website traffic analysis reports HitLens provide

You probably have had experience with some other web analytics reporters (using page tagging or log analysis technologies), or may have visited related sites. WebCEO's HitLens website stats has everything you may need to make a proper decision about your marketing campaigns, search engine optimization and development.

Basic reports including traffic summary, navigation paths, popular pages and top traffic referrers are only the tip of the iceberg. If you are interested in bare numbers, WebCEO features over 120 unique reports with more than 170 variations, also in historical perspective.

The practical importance of the HitLens live visitor tracking system can be illustrated by the following examples of the information it gives: it accurately determines visitor referrers and their efficiency,

Web Traffic Analysis Tool - Brief Traffic Analysis Report

popular site navigation patterns and exit pages, it reports transactions, popular and unpopular content, file downloads, paid ad campaign numbers, and it calculates ROI. Your marketing decisions will have very solid ground.

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Website traffic analysis in minutes

You needn't worry about the technical part of the visitor tracking setup. Our beta testers accomplished this task within 7 to 15 minutes.

The WebCEO's HitLens live visitor tracking system uses a tagging technology, this means you only have to put a piece of JavaScript into the source code of every page you want tracked.

The task becomes even simpler and faster because the tracking code can be inserted in the pages automatically in wizard style. No educational and technological barriers to entry. No delays. If your site is built in a non-standard technology, our specialists will offer you cost-efficient assistance in setting up visitor tracking.

HitLens works in real time lightning fast

Once visitors arrive at your site, they are tracked and reported in your statistics. Just refresh the report to see the updated numbers. You can feel the pulse of your Web site without any delays, on the fly.

WebCEO gets your statistics from our Data Center in a special compressed format. At once it puts it into easy to understand reports. It also keeps the reports you have viewed before in cache. So it takes very little time to reload them. You can work, not wait.

It's safe to entrust us with your sensitive data. Our client's statistical data is protected with all of the necessary industry-standard advanced security mechanisms, such as firewalls and 256-bit SSL encryption.

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HitLens will accurately track and report your website visitors in real time

Download WebCEO and take a free trial to see what WebCEO tools for search engine optimization and website promotion, and specifically HitLens web traffic analysis, can do for you.

It's a great opportunity to improve your site usability and conversion rates.

What experts and users have said about the WebCEO Search Engine Optimization software:

John Webster
Webster Consulting Associates

Just to let you know that, in my opinion, WebCEO, is by far the single best asset a webmaster can have in their arsenal.

I manage about 20 sites and have installed Hitlens on several and my clients are ecstatic with the feedback I

can now provide. Needless to say I am ecstatic that I can now deliver a more detailed web traffic analysis with minimal effort.

Rarely, do products live up to their hype, but yours FAR exceeds the information in the promotional material. Again thank you. Your company has made my life easier. By the way, I have never written a letter/e-mail to any company giving praise.

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